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Who said couch based multiplayer was dead? Certainly not Riley Neville or the team at Monster Couch, for today it is that combination which is found delivering the awesome looking STAB STAB STAB to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Playing out as a full-on physics based couch multiplayer fighting affair, STAB STAB STAB will see you and your mates attempting to stab each other until things go pop! Yep, this is a game that focuses efforts on battling it out as a razor-beaked fleshbird, all as you utilise some physics based combat to be crowned victor.

Coming in with a price of £8.39 from the Xbox Store, STAB STAB STAB provides no less than 12 deadly arenas for you to hammer it out on, no matter whether or not you decide to take on your couch based friends, or work with them in a hardcore survival mode which sees you confronted by waves of mindless cronenbirds.

As you would probably expect to hear though, it’s not just about using that sharp beak, and to ensure a bit of variety comes into play, multiple mutations like the additions of wings, spider legs, tumors and more will help – or hinder – your attempt to be crown king Fleshbird, ruler of all.

Features include:

  • – Play as explosive fleshbirds with razor sharp beaks
  • – Visceral physics-based combat
  • – Battle it out against your friends in versus mode
  • – Team up in survival mode against the mindless hordes of cronenbirds
  • – AI players with adjustable difficulty to test your skills
  • – 12 unique and deadly arenas
  • – Wings, spider legs, tumors, and many other helpful mutations to pick up

If you’re up for a laugh with your mates and have a bit of a party session going down then taking a look at STAB STAB STAB on Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch should be the way to go. With the low price point, and a whole ton of fun awaiting you, there really is no reason not to get involved.

Game Description:

STAB STAB STAB is a brutal, physics-based, couch multiplayer fighting game where you stab your friends until they pop!

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