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Attention all captains! To celebrate the recent launch of the Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery update on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, we’ve partnered with the folks over at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to bring you an exciting giveaway. With Command Dreadnought Cruiser Bundles and Discovery Starter Pack codes to win, it’s a no-brainer to get involved, isn’t it?!

Edit: Cruiser Bundle competition now over and winners can be seen in the Gleam widget below. We still have some Starter Packs to allocate though – if you’d like one of those, hit us up on social.

As we all know, Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMO game that allows players to explore iconic locations and take on daring missions as Captain of a Federation starship, a Klingon Warrior, a commander of a Romulan Republic Warbird, or even on behalf of the Dominion as a Jem’Hadar soldier.

The latest update, Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery, provides a continuation of the crossover with the critically acclaimed CBS (and Netflix for us UK people) television series, Star Trek: Discovery. It allows the opportunity to travel back in time and board the U.S.S. Buran with Captain Gabriel Lorca (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and Commander Ellen Landry (voiced by Rekha Sharma)from the show. Captains will unveil the shocking chain of events that ultimately determined the fates of these compelling characters in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

But let’s take a look at what you can win today – there are 10 Command Dreadnought Cruiser Bundles (valued at $50 each) and 50 Discovery Starter Packs (valued at $15 each). The Cruiser Bundles include a Buran Command Dreadnought Cruiser [T6], a Qoj Command Dreadnought Cruiser [T6], a fleet ship module and 5 master keys. Should you win a Discovery Starter Pack, then that’ll grant you a Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser, 12 additional inventory slots, 1x Large (150,000) Experience Bonus Pool, Discovery-era Phaser Sniper Rifle and Phaser Stun Bolt Pistol, and a Tardigrade Vanity Pet.  Be aware though that the aforementioned Starter Pack can only be redeemed by a Discovery Federation Captain.

How do you get involved? Well, it’s really easy… and you’ve got two options (should you so wish, you can take up both opportunities)…

Firstly, if you are interested in winning one of the 50 Discovery Starter Packs then just follow us on Twitter and RT the tweet below. We’ll dish these out on a first come first served basis until all are gone.

Your second option is to check out the Gleam widget below and attempt to win one of the 10 Command Dreadnought Cruiser Bundles. Follow the instructions to maximise your chances of winning. You’ve got nothing to lose, so get entering and best of luck to you all!

Alternatively, DO BOTH and you may just find yourself nabbing a Starter Pack AND a Command Dreadnought Cruiser.

Star Trek Online – Command Dreadnought Cruiser Bundles (valued at $50 each) giveaway

To Redeem Your Code on Xbox One:

  1. Install Star Trek Online from the Xbox One marketplace.
  2. Upon launching Star Trek Online, you’ll have the option to link your gamertag with an Arc account. This will open the Internet browser on your Xbox One and you can complete the account linking process there. If you skip it now, you’ll have another opportunity later.
  3. Once you’re in Star Trek Online, select the Arc option.
  4. Install Arc. (You can also search for Arc in the Xbox One Marketplace)
  5. Launch Arc and hit the X button.
  6. Enter your code in the field and select“Redeem.”
  7. Visit the Zen-Store in-game. Rewards can be found on the tab marked “Promotions.”

*These codes are only eligible for the Xbox One version of Star Trek Online and can only be redeemed by one character on a single account.

Good luck and as always admin decision is final and there is no cash alternative. Or any other alternative for that matter.

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