There’s some huge changes in-bound this week for EA’s hit Star Wars title – Star Wars Battlefront II – all of which will modify and benefit the in-game progression to make the rise to the top of the battlefield an even finer experience.

Beginning to roll out starting March 21st,  first up is a major change to the Star Cards. Up to this point Star Cards have been unlocked within crates in the game that can be purchased via credits earnt from battle. Now though, that’s all changing.

Very soon players will find Star Cards, or any other item that impacts gameplay, earned only through gameplay itself and will no longer be available for purchase in any way. Instead, players will earn experience points for the different classes, hero characters and ships you choose to use within the multiplayer; earning enough experience will grant a new level for that unit. With each level comes one Skill Point and that Skill Point can then be used to unlock or upgrade the Star Cards you’d like. 

It’s also worth noting that everything you’ve already earned will remain unlocked. Whilst the change in how Star Cards unlock is certainly game changing, anything you have already put time and/or resources towards will remain unlocked within your game. This includes all Star Cards, Heroes, Weapons or anything else that you have already unlocked within.

The next change is to the existing Crates and although these will remain in the game, and will continue to be earned by logging in daily, completing specific Milestones and completing timed challenges, the crates will now only include Credits or cosmetic items, no longer will you find anything gameplay impacting within them.

Finally, starting in April, players will be able to unlock appearances via in-game Credits earned through battle or via Crystals, the currency that will be available to purchase in-game or through first-party stores. Appearances will have no effect on gameplay other than visual changes and are not vital to the game in any way, however those wanting to play the Resistances as a Rodian.. well, your chance is here soon.

Whilst no more has been detailed, there is confirmation of new modes set to arrive within Star Wars Battlefront II within the coming months, all of which will offer all-new ways to play the game.

As for the aforementioned changes, players can expect to find them coming into play from March 21st 2018. Will you be heading back into the Star Wars universe once more?

Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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