starlink battle for atlas update

Many may dismiss Starlink: Battle for Atlas as just a ‘toys to life’ cash grab – but one dip of a toe into the wonderful waters that it brings will prove otherwise. In fact, Ubisoft have delivered a rather brilliant space-themed adventure that delivers the goods in more ways than one. And that is what they are doing today as well, as a host of free content for Starlink has been announced.

Arriving on the 21st December (yep, tomorrow), Ubisoft have confirmed that the Starlink universe is about to get a bit of a shake up. Whilst we already have many planets to explore, a number of animals to scan and plenty of foes to takedown, from the 21st December a new free content pack will see Starlink: Battle for Atlas players treated to even more goodies.

Coming for free to all Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch Starlink players will be more enemy units, extra activities to get involved in and a photo mode to allow us the chance to show off the beauty of Starlink with ease.

Full details as follows:

  • NEW ENEMY UNITS – All planets of the Atlas star system will receive brand new enemy types, introducing unique gameplay mechanics and encouraging players to adopt new strategies.
  • NEW ACTIVITY – Outlaw fortifications will appear all over Atlas for players to take down. This new activity will provide loot and experience upon completion.
  • PHOTO MODE – Players will be able to capture the favorite moments of their journey throughout Atlas and express their creativity with several tools to personalize their shots.

If you haven’t yet played Starlink: Battle for Atlas then you should be having a little read of our review. If anything, it’ll hopefully tempt you in to a purchase – whether that is of the physical toys route, or a digital one.

This free update to the game is sure to just enhance the experience even more. Let us know if it’ll be enough to tempt you back in by posting in the comments.

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