There have been some pretty exciting names linked to Bandai Namco over the years; from Ace Combat to Tekken, and Dark Souls to Project Cars. So, when they bring us news of a new title coming later in 2018, we listen and we recommend you do too.

Today brings the announcement of another new title that looks set to grace major consoles next year with Code Vein bringing down some gruelling action-RPG when it arrives in 2018. Whilst not much is known about Code Vein at present, the information that has been announced is surely exciting enough to hope we see more at E3 in June.

Code Vein is being developed by the guys behind the popular God Eater series and is being created using the Unreal Engine 4. The game is set in the near future, in which the earth’s crust has been pierced by ‘the thorns of judgement’ and everything has fallen to ruin. The setting is known as ‘Vein’ – a closed off society in which the last folk known as ‘Revenants’ have barely managed to survive.

Players will become a member of the Revenants; whose bodies hold superpowers at the cost of major memory loss. When a Revenant is low on blood, their humanity will decay, turning them into a ‘Lost’ should the not suck up blood quickly.

As you work with and help allies, and explore the world of Vein, you will uncover many types of Lost and uncover the many secrets of the world and all the details as to why it has fallen into such decay. Is the cause of Vein’s ruin connected to the birth of the Revenants?

With vicious enemies and monstrous boss battles to keep players on the back foot, will you have what it takes to uncover the many secrets of Vein, and could this be the next RPG hit we’ve all been waiting for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via our usual social channels.



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