desperados iii money for vultures dlc

Back at the start of September, Desperados III players were given the opportunity to take in a brand new mission arc – that of Money for the Vultures. Now, as October swings into gear, the second part of that mission becomes available as the story continues in Money for the Vultures Part II: Five Steps Ahead. If you enjoyed what came about first time round, you won’t want to miss this.

Available to purchase and download into your Desperados III game right now, Money for the Vultures Part II: Five Steps Ahead continues on the trend delivered with the opener to see the gang return to Louisiana. 

Priced at £4.99 or available as part of the Desperados III Season Pass, this sees you challenging a brand new member of the DeVitt family, as you explore the new Bayou State location.

That’s not all though and as you make progress through this second chapter will get the chance to reunite with Isabelle in order to enjoy more Voodoo mastery, before facing off against a mastermind who is worthy of your talents. 

With the base game in hand, all you need to do in order to enjoy this latest content is head to a digital store of your choosing – our being the Xbox Store for obvious reasons. From there, splash the asking price, download the content and get enjoying more of the rather brilliant, hugely immersive world that Desperados III delivers. 

If you haven’t yet played the base game, check out both our full review and our Let’s Play of some of the opening moments. Oh, and hit up the trailer for this latest Money for the Vultures Part II: Five Steps Ahead content too. As always, once you’ve done so let us know your thoughts. The comments section is down below whilst our Discord server is always ready and waiting for your opinions.

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john adam
john adam
11 months ago

I remember sinking hours and hours into Desperados 1 as a kid/teen and falling in love with the stealth isometric genre without anyone to share it with. Nobody I spoke to had ever heard of Desperados! I could never find an equal over the years, even in Commandos or the like until Blades of the Shogun. So happy they brought this back in the way it deserved. Now I am playing again Desperados 3 and getting guidelines from YT and this Site to improve my gaming skills.