We’re halfway through the month, which means another game is set to be stripped of its price tag courtesy of the Games With Gold scheme, and whilst this one has seemingly taken a age to be put free, Sam Fisher’s stealthy exploits in Splinter Cell: Conviction are now available at no extra cost to Xbox Live Gold members. FINALLY!

The no-holds-barred stealth action of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction follows former agent Sam Fisher as he investigates the death of his daughter. Hot on the trail of a lead, it’s uncovered that that his previous employers, the Third Echelon, have betrayed him. To make matters worse, a deadly terrorist plot threatens the lives of millions of people and as a rebel, Sam’s got to handle it on his own. Fortunately, he’ll be armed with an arsenal of high-tech weapons and the elite skills he to tackle those responsible, getting justice by any means necessary – even if that requires working outside of the law.

At the time of release in 2010, Splinter Cell: Conviction was full of innovative ideas like the ability to tag enemies and eliminate them with the Mark and Execute feature, as well as the Last Known Position system which had your foes primed for flanking whilst they were checking out your previous sighting. Should you wish to see how it holds up nowadays, Splinter Cell: Conviction is currently free to download on Xbox One, via the power of backward compatibility, and Xbox 360 (usually priced at £8.99).

Just head on over to the Microsoft Store and grab it before 31st July!

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Game Description:

SPLINTER CELL – CONVICTION (Single Player)For years, Sam Fisher has been off the grid and on his own, chasing his daughter’s murderer. But the trail leads to the last place Sam wants to see again: Washington D.C. Now Sam must work with old friends he can no longer trust, forced to save a country he no longer serves. For unless he can stand against both a vast, faceless enemy and the shadows of the past, he’ll never know what happened to his daughter – or himself. SPLINTER CELL – CONVICTION (Co-op)Russian weapons of mass destruction have been stolen and need to be recovered before they are sold on the black market. Third Echelon and their Russian counterpart Voron must work together to find them, sending American agent Archer and Russian agent Kestrel into the darkest heart of Russia’s criminal underworld. Together, they will embark on a mission that will require their cooperation and combined skill, one that will test their very conviction in everything they think they are.


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