Over many decades of gaming I’ve used multiple options in terms of power delivery. Where a wired controller used to be all the rage, in recent times as technology has moved on, it’s been the cutting of the cable and the change to a wireless scene that has come to the fore. And no matter what you think in terms of a wired connection always being capable of delivering less input lag, if you’re honest with yourself, the flexibility and freedom of not being tied down is of huge appeal. 

Never more true has this been since the move to Xbox One. Whilst Xbox 360 gamers would still have mostly found themselves working away with a cabled controller, the advent of the Xbox One Wireless controller has allowed gaming to be taken to another level. With a downside. The need to charge. 

stealth docking station review xbox 3

This is where a huge array of third party manufacturers have got in on the game, delivering play and charge kits, additional battery packs and docking stations to ensure that Xbox gamers rarely run out of juice. I’ve used a lot of them too, with more recent examples like the PDP Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One and two offerings from Venom – the Twin Docking Station and the Vertical Charging Stand – being amongst my absolute favourites. 

Now though there’s a new player in the market, and what Stealth have created with their SX-C100 Twin Charging Dock for Xbox One is well worth considering. You see, it’s good. Very, very good. 

Coming in either a black or white variant, the Stealth SX-C100 Twin Charging Dock does what it says on the tin, being capable of charging two Xbox One controllers (Elite controllers if you so need it to) at the same time, whilst also doubling up as a simple play and charge kit. This means that no matter how many hours a day you go gaming, you’re never likely to be out of luck in the power department. 

The Twin Charging Dock is one big slab of plastic, with cutouts in place for the placement of two Xbox controllers. Running the exact opposite route to the sleek, slim PDP Ultra Slim Charge System, this is a tall unit that will happily stand proud alongside your console. With four small grippy rubber feet on the bottom, it’ll sit in place happily, allowing you to drop your controllers on top-down in order to make a connection between battery pack and unit connections, to provide them with an injection of gaming power. 

stealth docking station review xbox 2

The unit itself comes with the Stealth logo running along the side, with a central front piece lighting up another Stealth logo when it is connected to your Xbox One console via the USB-A to Micro-USB cable. From there, two smaller battery indicators flash away to signify that each of the two controllers are charging. When charged, a solid glow lets you know they are good to go.

It’s super simple to use too, with the included battery packs slammed on to your controller; it really is just a case of drop and go, with there being plenty of simplicity in ensuring that controllers always line up. There are seemingly no magnets or fancy additions keeping those controllers in place mind; it really is just a case of drop them on and hope that the design of the SX-C100 does the rest. I’m here to tell you that it does. Every. Single. Time. Credit must go out to Stealth for creating such an easy to use system. 

You’ll find a decent amount of hours of battery juice available in the included Stealth battery packs too, with the promise of up to 18 hours of wireless gameplay to hand. I’ve always been one to take figures like that with a pinch of salt, as the simple addition of a headset is likely to affect the stated hours, but you can be sure that I’ve never been left to rue a lack of power across many weeks of using this Stealth product. And even if you were playing games 24/7 and needed a quick hit, taking the charging cable out of the back of the docking unit and plugging it straight into your controller will see you sorted. It’s helped that this cable is two metres in length and braided too, with the white one looking especially great. 

stealth docking station review xbox 1

So what’s wrong with the Stealth SX-C100 twin charging dock for Xbox One? Well, you know what? Not much at all. Granted, it’s not as well engineered as the PDP offering, and it is certainly a much bulkier affair than that slim option, but is that really a bad thing? Does a charging dock have to be all that sexy? I think the fact that I’ve gone from exclusive use of the Venom Docking System, to the PDP Ultra Slim and now to this Stealth unit says it all – I’ve not missed the competition’s charging systems one bit. I think I prefer the Stealth battery packs too – they are simple to install and feel great to the touch. That’s all you can ask. 

The best thing about it all though? The Stealth SX-C100 costs a mere £14.99. And that makes this a product that should be hugely well considered if you’re after a cheap and cheerful way of charging your Xbox One controllers, especially if you aren’t at all fussed about fancy looks. 

Huge thanks go out to Stealth for providing us with the SX-C100 Twin Charging Dock for Xbox One and the Stealth SX-01 Headset for unboxing and review. If you wish to pick up a unit for yourself, head straight over to Stealth for store links. 

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