Want to ride with your crew through a dieselpunk inspired world? The Steel Rats are coming!

Polish developer and publisher, Tate Multimedia, have today announced that Steel Rats will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2018. You’ll therefore need to strap on your spiked shoulder pads and prepare those fire spewing wheel saws as the all-out octane fuelled motorbike combat and death defying stunt filled title gets ready to burst into our lives.

Set in a visually stylised retro future world, you’ll get the chance to become one with your bike as you master the realistic physics based controls of these powerful and deadly vehicles. Steel Rats will let you choose how you want to tear through the stylised and highly detailed environments, traversing up, down left and right as your bike speeds fluidly in and out of the game world, over rooftops and through enemy-infested tunnels.

But who are the Steel Rats? Well, simply put they are a larger-than-life punk biker gang, who once ruled the streets of Coastal City and now find themselves as the last line of defense against an invading horde of destructive and constantly evolving army of junkbots. Playing as the gang, you’ll be able to choose your character, unlock new special abilities and customisable bikes in order to fight with style through vast areas of the city in a deadly mix of speed, agility and firepower.

“Steel Rats is set in an atmospheric, stylised, retro future version of 40’s and 50’s Americana” says Jacek Gburczyk, Tate Multimedia art director. “We’ve taken everything we love from America in that time period and mixed it up with our favourite parts of dieselpunk and steampunk influences to create something that has a wholly original feel and character”.

Wojtek Biliński, head of studio at Tate Multimedia says “In terms of gameplay, we want to have something for speedrunners, racers, brawlers, stunt drivers and all those who want to pull off insane and stylish fight moves from the back of a turbo powered motorbike. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing Steel Rats in one of these ways and discover the many styles of gameplay we aim to deliver”.

Steel Rats will feature music from the Japanese rock trio ‘The’s’, who shot to fame after being featured in “Kill Bill Volume 1” with their hit song “Woo Hoo”. A remastered version of their track “Hoovering” will be heard throughout Steel Rats.

To accompany the announcement of Steel Rats is an explosive CGI trailer, created by Deep Blue Studio, and featuring ‘The’s’ and ‘Hoovering’. Take a watch and we’ll be sure to bring you more in the weeks and months ahead.

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