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Whether you’re a fan of straight up mobile ports to console or not, what they do allow is for some fun old times. Zombie Hill Racing should well deliver that as it liked to plow through the undead on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Are you ready to step on the gas?

Available on mobile – we know because we’ve played too much of it on Android – where it’s gathered up more than 10 million downloads, Zombie Hill Racing comes to Xbox with the same ideas in mind – get behind the wheel of a number of vehicles and smash your way through the zombies masses. 

From there, it’s a case of upgrading your metal weapon of choice and rinsing and repeating over and over again. Do so and Earth will be saved. Fail, and the zombie hordes will overrun things forevermore. 

Zombie Hill Racing doesn’t need a premise, and that’s good because you’ll want to do nothing more than hit that throttle and drive as fast as you possibly can. Earning cash for completing what is required is on the cards too, and it’s with this which you’ll be able to upgrade things to allow for further travel the next time you play. 

Zombie Hill Racing has that real one more go feel to it, if only because you know that further enhancements are just around the corner. How it plays out now that it has come to Xbox is an altogether different matter though – but we’ll be sure to deliver out honest thoughts in a review. 

If you’ve played Zombie Hill Racing previously, you’ll know what to expect. If not, but you’re in the market for something stupid, get over to the Xbox Store this very minute. A £3.29 price tag may not be as appealing as the free mobile download, but it aint’s too bad at all. 

Let us know if you take on the undead. And if you want to play the same kind of thing but with less zombies, Hero Express is worth a look.

Game Description:

Is the Earth already doomed? Almost nobody is alive left, only zombies wander around this apocalyptic land! You only have a car, but it’s probably your best chance! Step on the gas, drive fast and furiously! Break through trash and hordes of zombies. Earn cash, upgrade your cars, make some more mess and get as far as you can!

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