It’s effectively the pre-season for Super Mega Baseball 2 and in this period the developers Metalhead Software want you to get a taste of this sequel ahead of its full release. Will you be swinging by for the opportunity to have a bat?

The Super Mega Baseball 2 Closed Beta – launching within the next two weeks – is exclusive to Xbox One and will span across multiple week time frame. Those players fortunate enough to be selected to experience the Closed Beta can expect to get a feel for likes of the Exhibition and Pennant Race modes, which aim to showcase the more realistic approach taken in the presentation this time around. Your feedback could be extremely helpful in polishing the final product and ensuring it’s the very best version it can be. How do you get involved? Simply by signing up HERE and keeping your fingers crossed! You will however need to be in the North American region.

Super Mega Baseball 2 will be getting a full release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam in the coming months. Once you’ve put your name down for the Closed Beta, be sure to check out the brand new trailer for Super Mega Baseball 2’s online multiplayer below.


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