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If you like potting balls then you will know that VooFoo Studios are the kings of the baize. After delivering Hustle Kings and Pure Pool to the masses, and currently seeing their development process take in This Is Pool, if anyone knows a thing or two about cue sports, it is VooFoo. But it seems as though focusing on the pool side of the ball potting world isn’t enough for this team, as they have now announced Stephen Hendry’s This Is Snooker for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. And yes, the great man himself features heavily!

So, the title gives the game away really, but This is Snooker will be found featuring the legend that is Stephen Hendry, allowing the genre-defining cue sports simulation to hit Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

Working with the publishing team at Double Eleven and Hendry himself, VooFoo Studios have been able to recreate the unique characteristics and attacking style of play which made the former world number one so great. Stephen Hendry is widely regarded as one of snooker’s greatest ever players and it is he who will be featured in the game as both an AI opponent and expert mentor in a series of exclusive ‘Cue Tips’ videos, designed to help improve both your real-life and in-game snooker skills.

But that’s not all and by delving deep into the world of This Is Snooker, you will also be invited to play-through a series of arcade scenarios that challenge you to recreate some of the most defining moments in the snooker legend’s record-breaking snooker career.

It all promises to be a stunningly realistic simulation of one of the world’s most exciting and competitive sports, and with Hendry in play, that realism should be like no other. Also featured in the game though is the world-renowned professional snooker and pool referee, Michaela Tabb, whose familiar voice brings authority and authenticity to the in-game referee.

“Working with one of the world’s greatest ever snooker players has helped us create an incredibly realistic cue sports simulation” said Shaun Read, Game Director at VooFoo Studios. “We’re very excited to have Stephen involved, his input has enabled us to really fine tune the game mechanics to make This Is Snooker by far the best cue sports simulation we’ve ever made.”

Stephen Hendry commented: “I’m really proud to be involved in the development of such an ambitious recreation of snooker. I’ve been really impressed with just how realistic This Is Snooker is and the level of detail that has gone into making it look and feel so real.”

This Is Snooker will be coming soon to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, having been developed from the ground up using VooFoo Studios’ completely revamped proprietary game and physics engine.

“The unique new set of tools at our disposal has enabled us to do things we’ve never done before that will take the game and genre to a whole new level,” stated Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios. “Our new engine has allowed us to create unrivalled levels of graphical fidelity and hyper-realistic, true-to-life ball physics, we’re confident we’ve created the most technically advanced cue sports game ever made.”

This will all be published by Double Eleven, with it including the previously announced This Is Pool, available in the This Is Snooker – Pool Deluxe Edition; a content-packed, complete cue-sports experience.

Of course, This Is Pool will also be available to purchase separately, and this will allow you to play every major type of cue sport in six painstakingly-detailed locations with full pool and snooker career modes, mini games, trick shots, practice mode and extensive local and online multiplayer modes in a truly immersive cue sports simulation.

This Is Pool and This Is Snooker – Pool Deluxe Edition are both very high on our radar and we can’t wait to see what VooFoo Studios have managed to create – particularly after being given the chance to go hands-on with This Is Pool at EGX 2018 a few months back.

For now though, check out the trailer below and sit tight for that release date!

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Phil woodhead
Phil woodhead
8 months ago

Dear sir, /madam
Wonder if you can help me,, I’m wanting to know when does Stephen hendrys this is snooker pool for ps4 come out or where can I buy it