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Unfortunately, I found out the hard way why parents never let kids have chewing gum, as I got it stuck in my friends hair once. It has this insane ability to stick to something and not let go, mainly his blonde locks. This feature can be used to your advantage in this latest release. Arriving today on Xbox is gum+, a game where you use your sticky nature to get out of sticky situations.

In this most retro or retro looking games, you play as a piece of magical gum you can attach themselves to the blocks found in the level. The difference in gum+ from other block-based puzzlers is that you can attach blocks on all four sides at once. This may sound like it makes things easier, but you will need to be savvy about making sure you can still manoeuvre around these grid-based levels.

One thing is for certain, it is going to be easier than Pushy and Pully in Blockland.

gum+ also features:

  • 76 levels across 9 worlds
  • Engaging story
  • Full-featured level editor
  • 33-track original soundtrack
  • Plenty of secrets

Levels are unlocked through trophies. It is one thing to complete a level, but you are awarded better trophies if you complete it in as few a moves as possible. You can backtrack if things go wrong, or restart the entire level if things go catastrophic.

Fancy a good twist on the tried and tested block pushing puzzle mechanic? gum+ is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19. If you wanted to grab an early discount, gum+ is having an introductory offer dropping the price down to £3.35 for a short time. And our review is coming soon too, once we manage to dislodge the keyboard that has gotten stuck to us.

Game description

A sticky situation A blob of magical gum, needs your help. Solve any puzzle standing in his way. Push and pull blocks to make it to the next staircase in one piece. Be carefull The traps you encounter will be deadly. Don’t worry about making mistakes though. You can always backtrack or start the level all over again. Challenge yourself Earn trophies that will help you unlock new worlds. To get them you need to complete levels, with as few moves as possible. There are plenty of secrets to discover so make sure, to pay close attention. Chiptune music A great puzzle wouldn’t be as impactfull without a great soundtrack. Enjoy all of the 33 unique music tracks that will accompany you throughout this journey. Level editor If you get tired with the original 76 levels of Gum+, try out the built in level editor. Make your own challenges and share them with your friends.

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