Being a killer is a messy thing to do, being a cleaner however, that’s where the real challenge comes from. Do you have what it takes dispose of the bodies, cover up blood stains, and hide the evidence? It’s up to you to become the fixer in Serial Cleaner.

We love a good selection of game modes in our adventures here at TheXboxHub, and the latest trailer from Serial Cleaner looks to show off just that with Story Mode and Challenge Mode officially revealed.

Story mode will be the typical go to game mode for starting your Serial Cleaning adventure, with the story throwing you into the shoes of the man tasked with keeping all eyes off the crime. You will be the cleaner in question, tasked with cleansing the gruesome killings and messy mafia hits. As a regular Joe for the mob, there should be no task to hard, but it certainly won’t be easy, especially when you start raking in extra jobs for some extra cash. Story mode takes players through a 20 level long campaign, with stages subtly inspired by actual serial killings from the 1970’s. There will be a wide variety of locations to visit, such as a boxing gym, a disco club, a roadside motel and rooftops amongst many others influenced by the decade. With many characters to come across will you discover the mysteries of the serial cleaner?

Story mode sound too easy for you hard-to-please fanatics? Maybe Challenge mode will be enough to entice you in, with its nail-bitingly hard modes. Such modes will see the removal of enemy vision cones introduces as well as mode in which players are required to clear as many bodies from randomised positions as possible, and even one to challenge your inner strength as your vision is shifted to that of a drunken cleaner to truly test your ability to keep that evidence away from the wrong hands.

Not yet convinced? Check out the trailer below, and then prepare your excitement for the next title from the Curve Digital production line. It’ll be hitting Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer.

Are you excited for Serial Cleaner? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels, and don’t forget to stay tuned for any future updates here on TheXboxHub.

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