After some randomness? The Story Goes On is full of it!

Available right now on Xbox One and PC, after a rather extended period in Early Access on the latter, The Story Goes On throws you into the world of a struggling author, as they try to put the finishing touches to their storybook. The problem is they need a hero. You!

Well, it could be you if you can find the energy to battle through numerous randomly generated worlds, with randomly generated enemies, randomly generated bosses and randomly generated loot. It’s all a bit random you see.

Priced at £6.39, The Story Goes On is a fun little hack ‘n’ slasher in which you’ll be left to slap some bad guys around, grab a ton of loot, and have the pleasure of listening in on your friendly shopkeeping scarecrow. He’s a bit crazy though, so be aware of his utter wit.

With a local co-op option also available for those who can muster up some friends for the fight, tons of enemies to take down and even more loot to grab, those out there looking for a simple hack n slasher could do worse than check out The Story Goes On.

Have a read of our review and if you like what you see, then you should then make a trip to the Microsoft Store.

Game Description:

Drop into the unfinished storybook of a crazed author, on the brink of being discarded forever. Discover what it means to become a hero worth writing about. “The Story Goes On” is a different take on the hack’n’slash genre: combining elements of permadeath, random world generation, dozens of unique items and an overarching story. “The Story Goes On” features: • Randomly generated worlds with matching pre-existing dungeons within • 50+ unique items that change the way you approach each run • 20+ bosses and dozens of enemies to defeat • An original soundtrack that responds to the pace of battle • A Scarecrow buddy who loves puns


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