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Back in 2016, Lost Ember was Kickstarted, allowing the development team at Mooneye Studios the chance to show off something pretty special. And since that time, amid a couple of delays, that something special has certainly been created. Now though it’s time for things to really become a reality as a confirmed release date and full format launch are announced.

Originally set to drop on to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Mooneye are now confirming that Lost Ember will also hit Nintendo Switch – an announcement which is sure to please many a fan.

And in further news, it has become known that the game will arrive on July 19th 2019, although that Switch release may not quite make that date. But hey, us Xbox One gamers, along with those on PS4 and PC should set that date in their diaries.

“We have the loveliest, most patient and kind community I could have dreamt up. I can still hardly believe they’re for real.” says Producer, Sinikka Compart, smiling from ear to ear “and very soon, we will finally be able to give back to our community”.

But what is Lost Ember? Well, it’s a story-driven exploration adventure which will see you exploring ancient ruins and forgotten memories, playing things out as a wolf with the ability to possess any animal you meet – doing so will allow the chance to find out what has happened to humankind and your trusted spirit companion in a past life. With 15 animals in total, and a brilliantly captivating story pushes along by those cracking visuals, Lost Ember is certainly something that looks hugely appealing.

Key Features Include:

  • Unique mechanic that lets you play any animal and see the world through their eyes
  • 15 playable animals
  • Unique art style with stunning graphics
  • Captivating story about the downfall of mankind

Interested by what Lost Ember has to deliver? Just drawn in by those stunning visuals? Make sure you keep an eye out for it as July approaches – we’ll be sure to remind you the second it hits the Xbox Store.

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