Styx will be making his way to a console or PC near you with his next adventure later this year. Shards of Darkness comes on the back of the original Styx title, but brings in new features, new environments and a certain Unreal Engine 4.

Today, we get to see some new screenshots, ones that show off the huge environments that Styx will be prowling around. From the City of Thieves, built from the wreckages of lost ships, to the great Elven city of Korangar hidden in the mountains, the environments of Styx: Shards of Darkness are semi-open, huge affairs that place a big emphasis on all things vertical…because you know, horizontal is sooo last gen. They allow for a lot of freedom to complete the various missions or objectives and are fantastic playgrounds for Styx to test his stealth and assassination skills, along with his new rope-swinging and zip-lining skills!

Shards of Darkness will be Styx’s biggest mission yet and we can’t wait for it to arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



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