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Like your city builders, but have always thought they were missing something? Well, SubaraCity is a city builder, but the twist is that there is a whole ton of puzzling action thrown in for good measure.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, SubaraCity will set you back just a few pounds – £3.59 to be precise – as it attempts to cater to a couple of different markets… the in-depth city building side of gaming, plus the quick fire puzzler.

Making a SubaraCity is the name of the game – obviously – but it won’t just be about carefully planning your next architectural move and instead you’ll also have to match blocks in the proces. See, it is only be doing the latter will your SubaraCity ever become great, with blocks combining and morphing into larger structures.

The more you move forward, the bigger these buildings will become, with the hope that super special unique constructions can be created. You will however need to be fully away that with every move you make, complexities will come into play, dictating the future look and success of the city you are building.

With such a low price point in tow – seriously, what else can you do for £3.59 – and a fair old bit of intrigue as to how the two genres will combine, it should certainly be worth giving SubaraCity a little try. If you wish to see it added to your Xbox One digital library then you’ll need to pay the Xbox Store a visit.

Let us know what you think about this cheap city building puzzler. The comments section is down below but should you be looking for something with a bit more depth, then the likes of Jurassic World Evolution, Cities Skylines and Aven Colony are all worth a look.

Game Description:

SubaraCity offers a new twist for puzzle game fans, combining careful planning with relaxing gameplay. You’re not just matching blocks, but you’re city building at the same time! The buildings on the blocks can be combined into larger, and special, buildings. It’s a simple rule but there are hidden complexities, and as the years pass each move plays an important role. Your decisions will decide the city’s future – develop your city step-by-step to make a “SubaraCity”!

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