sudden strike 4 pacific war xbox one

Thought you were done with Sudden Strike 4 after taking in the European Battlefields and having nailed the notorious desert skirmishes of Africa? Well think again because there is yet more content hitting the game on Xbox One – and this time round we get dropped straight into the action found in the Pacific War.

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store is the Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War, allowing Xbox One gamers who already have the base European Battlefields Sudden Strike 4 game to hand the chance to take in more action.

Featuring a couple of new campaigns which bring together no less than 10 brand spanking new missions, The Pacific War content found within is based on the South-East Asian conflicts of World War II.

Delivering new gameplay features to the game – flame throwers, amphibious vehicles, and aircraft carriers – alongside some more advanced air combat and unit skills, you’ll be sure that The Pacific War content will most certainly appeal to those who have previously found enjoyment with what has come before it.

With no less than 51 new vehicular units added in, six new commanders to choose from, and a whole ton more action, it all seems like a bit of a no-brainer to add The Pacific War to your Sudden Strike 4 game.

Yes the price may be a little higher than we would like to see, with the £15.99 price tag being half of that of the standard European Battlefields edition and considerably more than the previous content add-on of Africa – Desert War, but when you consider the amount of content included, we can just about see the reasoning behind it all.

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Besides, what’s a price when you can be sure of a good few hours of decent Sudden Strike 4 warfare? Nothing, that’s what, and if you wish to see this pack added in to your game then a quick hop over to the Xbox Store will see you sorted in no time.

Let us know in the comments below if you decide to pick it up.

DLC Description:

Features: • Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War features two new campaigns with a total of 10 missions based on the South-East Asian campaign of World War II. • Six new doctrine commanders to choose from: on the side of the Imperial Japanese Army, choose between the navy admiral Soemu Toyoda or Commander of the Southern Expeditionary Army Group Hisaichi Terauchi. On the Allies side, you can now choose between the legendary five-star general Douglas MacArthur or Chief of Staff Richard J. Marshall. • The Pacific War add-on brings new gameplay features to Sudden Strike, such as flame throwers, amphibious vehicles, large controllable aircraft carriers, advanced air combat as well as new unit skills. • Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War introduces 51 new vehicle units, including the Amtrac LTV(A)-4, USS Enterprise CV-6, Soko Sagyo Ki (SS-KI) and Shokaku aircraft carrier.


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