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Sunset Overdrive is constantly evolving and as from today, the first player vote will take place, a new weapons pack is in the house and you’ll be able to get lost in its music!

Weaponry is a major part of Sunset’s charm and as of today, the elusive and fabled Propain Launcher will be more frequently awarded to all players. Jump into Chaos Squad now until 04:59 a.m. GMT on Tuesday 2nd December and the chance of you getting the launcher in a drop will be highly increased.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on the first Sunset Overdrive Weapons Pack. Costing £3.99 or rolling out for free to Season Pass holders, the pack will include.

  • Plague Bomb – Instantly intoxicate enemies in the area with this weapon. Enemies hit with the Plague Bomb will start vomiting, take damage over time and explode when killed. Plus, enemies affected by the Plague Bomb can spread the disease to others!
  • Rager – Releases a confusion-inducing cloud which causes enemies to attack each other in a fit of rage. And yes, they also explode when killed.
  • Shield Buddy – Activates a shield that protects you and your friends but also deploys bombs that will decimate your foes. No need to choose between offence and defence when you can have both with the Shield Buddy.
  • Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher – The most literal of the weapons included in the pack, the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher does exactly that and locks on up to eight targets. Release the trigger and send a legion of homing rockets at your enemies.

Additionally, the first player vote is now live and for the next two weeks you’ll be able to vote in Sunset TV. A choice between Bucj National and Floyd will await with the winning character having his outfit gifted to all players as a free gift, alongside additional content which will be released in 2015.

And finally, ever wanted to listen in on the Sunset tunes but don’t fancy going out for a grind? Releasing today on iTunes, Spotify and more, the Sunset Overdrive soundtrack features 18 tracks by bands like Boats!, Dan Sartain, Bass Drum of Death, Meat Market, Cheap Time, and Brenna Red.

Take a listen, you may just like it!




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