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If you’re after some explosive action and mutant infested mayhem, then the only place you should be looking is in the drawer marked Sunset Overdrive…..and Insomniac Games have announced details of the Season Pass that will accompany the game.

The Season Pass will bring you:

  • Two campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad* objectives!
  • The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal!
  • BONUS – six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

Six additional character outifts, two Amps and two Traps will also be exclusive to Season Pass purchasers when the game is released and so if you are after the maximum chaos possible, you should seriously think about picking one up. It will cost $19.99 (£16 ish) and will represent more than 20% saving over buying the three add ons individually.

Sunset Overdrive will release on Oct 28th in NA and Oct 31st in the UK exclusively on Xbox One.




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