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Previously having launched on Google Stadia, and fully inspired by the popularity of the previously released Super Bomberman R, Konami have today announced that the free-to-play Super Bomberman R Online will be coming to console and PC real soon.

Delivering Battle Royale bombing blasts to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC soon, Super Bomberman R Online will see the 8 Bomber Brothers rock out with some 64-player online Battle Royale madness – and all for free.

As Bomberman returns with the gameplay that has made the franchise a party game classic – blast through battlefields, find hidden power-ups and use them to blow away foes – we’ll find that the action in Super Bomberman R Online takes things to all-new levels, working in Battle Royale options to deliver the “Battle 64” mode.

As the name suggests this will provide a new and original battle royale experience, one in which up to 64 players are found spread across 16 starting battlefields. One by one though, as levels are cleared and players are whittled down, the number of battlefields will continue to shrink until the ultimate final battle is able to declare the last bomber standing.

Free-to-play titles are well known for providing visual amendments – look at Fortnite and PUBG for confirmation of that – and Super Bomberman R Online will be no different. In fact, it will bring more than 100 customisable feature combinations, including numerous costumes, accessories and for the first time, bomb skins – affecting both the bomb and the blast itself. Further to that though any players wishing to distinguish themselves from the rest will be able to do so with the optional Premium Pack (RRP €9.99/£9.99/$9.99), giving access to 14 additional bomber characters that pay homage to classic KONAMI IP’s such as Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania and more!

That Premium Pack is able to provide further options too though and while anyone in the world can jump into a “Battle 64” room, the Premium Pack allows players to create their own private Room Match with rulesets that include “Battle 64” mode, “Standard” mode with up to 16 players or “Grand Prix”. It is this latter Grand Prix option that divides players into two teams of up to 3v3 to compete in earning points, with the highest total points after the two battle rounds wins.

As soon as a release date for the free-to-play bombing battles of Super Bomberman R Online on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is known, we’ll bring you it. Shouldn’t be too far away though.

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