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We’ve had Brawl Chess – Gambit, we’ve had Chess Ultra, we’ve had Pure Chess and we’ve had the ‘chess but not chess’, Knight’s Retreat. In fact, there are a host of decent chess titles already available on PC and console. Now though there’s another and with the launch of Chess Knights: Viking Lands we’ll be found needing to bring our tactical skills to the table once more. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S after previously releasing on PC through Steam, Chess Knights: Viking Lands has been created by Minimol Games, with console porting rights handled by those at QUByte Interactive. 

It runs with a £3.29 price point and it should be said that Chess Knights: Viking Lands arrives on console in much the same vein as Knight’s Retreat – a chess game that wasn’t actually anything to do with chess. That’s seemingly the case here too. 

Chess Knights: Viking Lands will have you attempting to rescue the Kings and Queens of the board, utilising the power of the Knight in order to do so. And whilst that may well be an easy task if you’re working the wonders of a standard chess system, Viking Lands mixes things up a little. You see, this is a pretty original affair, allowing you the chance to hop and jump your Knights to various areas in order to return the more powerful pieces of the throne to safety. 

That low price point looks as if it’ll make Chess Knights: Viking Lands on Xbox a hugely interesting purchase too, especially when you consider there are no less than 40 hand-crafted stages to work through. And the beauty of it? You won’t even need to know how to play chess to get the most out of this!

Features include:

  • All pieces move like in a chess game, but the objective is to use your Knights to rescue your other pieces that are held prisoner in certain squares of the board;
  • 40 hand-crafted levels with increasing complexity.
  • A chess game without any chess. This is an entirely new game concept for chess lovers and newcomers alike (you do not need to know any chess to play it);
  • Enjoy the beauties and dangers of the Viking Lands;
  • Originally composed soundtracks;

We’ll have a full review of Chess Knights: Viking Lands on Xbox coming your way soon. In the meantime you can pick up a copy of the game for yourself from the Xbox Store.

Game Description:

This is an original puzzle game inspired by chess. Using chess Knights, you need to move through the board until you reach the squares where your other pieces are held, prisoner. Then, come back to the safe zone without being captured by enemy pieces to rescue all your pieces!

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