minecraft villains

Fancy making your Minecraft experience on Xbox even better? Why don’t you grab the latest Skin Pack right now? It promises some proper evilness!

Available to download now for Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the Minecraft Villains Skin Pack costs just £1.59, and gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner villain, as the pack brings skins for scoundrels, schemers and dastardly masterminds.

The Xbox Games Store is able to sort you out, so should you be a fan of Minecraft and need just that little bit extra to heighten the experience even more, make sure you check it out.

DLC Description:

Unleash your inner villain with a pack dripping in the devious, the dastardly and the downright despicable! Scoundrels and schemers, mischief-makers and malevolent masterminds – this pack has the lot. Can you tell fiend from foe?

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