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The world of Fortnite is an ever-changing one; complete with a host of customisation opportunities and even more gameplay choices. And those choices have today expanded some more with the arrival of The Street Serpent Pack.

Fortnite has long established itself as one of the utter leaders in the gaming scene – especially that of the Battle Royale variety – but much of that appeal has come about thanks to the opportunity for players to enjoy a bit of customisation and personalisation. With the likes of the Metal Team Leader in place, and the upcoming DC Super-Villains bundle set to arrive in the months ahead, there is absolutely no way anyone should be running the vanilla route.

Especially now that the Street Serpent Pack is available – at a super cheap price point too.

The Fortnite Super Street Pack will set you back just a mere £3.19 from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, but by paying up that asking price you’ll find access to some rather nifty little add-ons. Whilst the promise of 600 V-Bucks is always an appreciated one, further to that you’ll gain the Seeker Outfit, along with the awesome Chainstick Pack Back Bling, and a rather tempting Street Blade Pickaxe.

All are bound to ensure that your enjoyment with Fortnite continues to grow, and so if you feel like you need a little bit of a lift you’ll just need to head to your favoured digital store and grab the pack now. For us Xbox One players, the Xbox Store should be your next port of call.

Let us know in the comments – or via our Discord server – if you decide to pick up this latest pack.

DLC Description:

Street fights and back alley brawls are what you will find with the Street Serpent pack.

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