After the success of the original Super Mega Baseball, hopes are high for the sequel. Today Metalhead Software have dropped details of when we can expect to be playing the game, alongside a brand new trailer.

Due for arrival in September 2017, Super Mega Baseball 2 on Xbox One will come with a upgraded and more realistic art style, marking a significant improvement over the original Super Mega Baseball.

It’ll also be packed with all new content, including stadia, characters and animations, whilst a host of customisable features will allow you to play the game your way. Online multiplayer will also be present and this should hopefully allow Super Mega Baseball 2 to build on the fan base built up after the release of the first game.

We will of course keep you as up-to-date as possible regarding the release of Super Mega Baseball 2, but for now, it may be worth your while to check out the latest trailer below – one that focuses in on the new art style found in the game.

Will you be heading to the field in Super Mega Baseball 2? Don’t forget to let us know via the comments down below, across the usual social media channels or in our forums. We’d love to hear from you.




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