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Super shiny and super cheap – Chameneon glows on Xbox


Don’t let the 2D pixel-art promises put you off of Chameneon – this is an uber bright runner that will have you running, jumping, dodging and sliding to victory. 

From the QUByte Interactive team – a stable who love to push out the cheapest of video games to the Xbox scene with the likes of Fluffy Cubed and Dungeon Color already behind them – Chameneon looks to have a ton about it, especially when you take into account the low £3.29 price point. 

It’s sold as a 2D platforming runner, as you take charge of the titular Chameneon, working your way through the neon lights of the Cyber Space in hope of defeating a virus that is fast taking control. 

Chameneon plays on the visuals at hand, switching and swapping the brightest of colours as you surf the relevant lines. It’ll have you running, jumping, dodging, sliding and collecting the best of things as you go, with the simple to understand, but slightly brutal gameplay holding things together. 

If you like shiny things, we’re pretty sure Chameneon will be of interest. It’s sitting on the Xbox Store and purchasable today, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We’ll give it a review soon. Let us know if you decide to pick it up. 

Game Description:

Chameneon is a 2D platformer/runner game with an incredible colorful and beuatiful pixel art. In the game, a virus has infected the Cyber Space and now is up to you initiate the protocol CHAMENEON. Surf on the neon lines in the Cyber Space and defeat the virus before is too late. With unique physics, Chameneon creates a great challenge that requires good precision and reflexes to surpass it. With a simple but brutal gameplay and a ton of stages to go through, you’ll be tested to the limit! Run, jump, dodge and collect the Neon Disks to show everyone who’s the boss. It’s your time to shiny and vibe!

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