It may not deliver the well known tracks that many music games come with, but much of the charm of Superbeat XONiC EX on Xbox One is still found within the songs it brings. Today four new tracks have arrived, both with a price tag attached and as free downloads.

The Superbeat XONiC EX Bundle Pack 1 is the star of the show as this brings three new tracks for you to enjoy. ねこくん (Neko-Kun), Select, Start and Donut Island all come with the £3.99 purchase of the pack, expanding and increasing your Superbeat experience somewhat.

Each track can also be picked up individually – £1.59 is the asking price – but obviously should you wish to take all three then the bundle is the way to go. Additionally, a fourth track is also available for download, but this one – Rackin’ Gravity – comes at zero cost.

The Xbox Games Store will give you access to each download and whilst the paid content will probably only appeal to big fans of Superbeat XONiC EX, if you intend to dive in just the once, you may as well grab the free offering.

If you wish to know more about the game then our review will set you up.

Bundle Description:

Expand your SUPERBEAT XONiC EX experience with this awesome triple pack of new tracks! This pack contains the following three tracks: • ねこくん (Neko-Kun) • Select, Start • Donut Island Please note: tracks are also available to purchase individually.

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