Although it may not have been acknowledged as a modern day Dark Souls successor in the way it deserves, The Surge is still a longshot for one of the finest games of 2017 and indeed a masterful addition to the action RPG genre. Today however the experience just got a major add-on with the long-awaited expansion A Walk in the Park finally arriving to take us through a forgotten amusement park.

For those not yet aware The Surge puts players into the role of the newest employee of CREO – the megacorporation trying to save the world. After being knocked unconscious on your first day on the job thanks to the effects of a catastrophic event, you wake up fully equipped with a high-grade exoskeleton, with robots going wrong, augmented co-workers around you and A.I that’s gone rogue. And worst of all, everything wants you dead.

Today’s new expansion takes that experience even further, as players take a step into the world of The Surge once more by exploring the long-abandoned amusement park CREO World, a place that takes those fine thoughts of cotton candy and laughter and crushes them under the foot of disaster.

With roaming rescue teams that have fallen to insanity and robotic mascots patiently waiting for the day a new visitor steps in to the park to receive a deadly welcome, A Walk in the Park provides the deathly remains of a once safe haven but replaces the once exciting thrills with bone shaking chills. Can you survive A Walk in the Park?

Those wanting to get in on The Surge: A Walk in the Park can do so now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of £11.99. It’s Xbox One X and PS4 Pro enhanced too.

Of course, if you’ve yet to jump into The Surge, then a purchase of The Surge Complete Edition will be all you need to get in on the full adventure, with the Complete Edition including The Surge base game, A Walk in the Park expansion, the Fire & Ice Weapon Pack DLC and the CREO Special Employee Kit DLC.

The Surge Complete Edition is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of £44.99.

If you’re not yet convinced into a purchase, then why not check out our full review that contains everything you need to know about this year’s action RPG hit. We’ll be sure to bring you our thoughts regarding A Walk in the Park soon too.

Will you be jumping into the latest DLC or a purchase of the Complete Edition? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.


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