Anyone wanting a dose of the upcoming sci-fi action RPG The Surge should look no further than this uncut gameplay footage commentated by the developers.

Deck13 today revealed a whole 14 minutes of gameplay for The Surge, completely uncut and accompanied by insightful commentary from Game Designer Adam Hetenyi. Another member of the dev team, Thorsten Lange, is in control of the character and takes viewers through the dystopian environments found within the Abandoned Laboratories – a mysterious complex belonging to the antagonist organisation CREO.

The Surge is set in the distant future, where Earth is nearing the end of its life and anyone remaining has a real job on their hands to survive in a world of disease and humans are basically redundant due to technological advancements. As your character is fitted with an exoskeleton to aid efficiency, the real task at hand becomes to take on CREO and the array of bosses lying in wait along the way. The innovative combat ensures that defeating enemies using a unique limb-targeting system will allow you to specifically attack and cut off parts you wish to loot once victorious in the duel. Sounds cool, right?

It’s all well and good us explaining the features looking to set The Surge apart from other action RPGs, but words cannot quite do them justice and so we’d recommend watching the action in the video below to truly grasp what’s going on.

The Surge targets a launch onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in May, 2017.



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