The team at Robot Gentleman seem like a happy bunch. And so they should be as today they’ve announced their latest PC and console title – 60 Parsecs!

Announced today for a 2018 release, 60 Parsecs! from Robot Gentleman will take you to the atomic space age, as you try to survive this interstellar comedic romp. You’ll be tasked with scavenging for supplies before blasting off into space and attempting to survive the non-linear narrative driven adventure. The catch? You’ll have just 60 seconds to gather up those supplies.

Mixing the sci-fi pop culture of the 1950s and ‘60s with Cold War and Space Race propaganda, 60 Parsecs! will aim to provide a fresh take on space travel – one that is both fantastic and oddly believable. You’ll have never seen space travel quite like this!

Tough decisions will need to be made and keeping your crew alive and ready for action will be the primary goal. With the original title – 60 Seconds! – holding the basics, 60 Parsecs! promises a whole host of improvements, overhauled gameplay mechanics and the introduction of a deep crafting system and more personal narrative.

Game Features Include:

  • Scavenge, plan and survive: Live with the decisions you make in 60 seconds of frantic scavenging as you embark on an adventure, surviving on odds and ends ranging from cans of soup to sock puppets.
  • Survival like you’ve never seen it before: Chart your course for a casual, darkly comedic and story-driven take on the survival genre, that blends sci-fi pop culture of the ‘50s and ‘60s with Cold War propaganda.
  • Explore the vastness of space: Experience a procedural, non-linear story, incorporating roguelite elements for short but intense play sessions.
  • Craft your own story: Tackle hundreds of story-based events with a diverse cast of characters, resulting in an endless stream of space-faring narratives.

The Robot Gentleman plan is to release 60 Parsecs! on PC and all major consoles in 2018. We’d hazard a guess that will include Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. For now though, all we have to give you is this short teaser trailer below. Enjoy!

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