backpack twins

Are you ready to be taken through a series of absolutely absurd challenges, all for absolutely no good reason? The Backpack Twins on Xbox are here to test you. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, having previously only been available on PC, Backpack Twins is a puzzle platformer in which you need to take control of a couple of twins, with backpacks, as they attempt to stay alive. 

Sold as a ‘hard but fair’ single player puzzler, Backpack Twins will set you back £9.99 from the Xbox Store as you switch between the two twins in hope of working your way through a series of environmental puzzles. For the most part that will mean you need to avoid hazards, jumping, ducking and swapping your way to glory. The key will be to timing those moves accordingly. 

We’d suspect that Backpack Twins will appeal to those who love a bit of a challenge; the gamers who were brought up on the test of a platform from years gone by. But it looks fun enough to be of interest to others too, especially when you take into account the key features…

  • A carefully crafted blend of platforming and puzzle solving.
  • Old school platforming that will test your skills!
  • Collectibles that are easy to find but hard to get!
  • Get them all to unlock additional awesomeness!
  • Responsive and precise controls.
  • Speedrun friendly.
  • Last and best times are saved for each level.
  • Achievements!
  • Includes left and right handed gamepad layouts for accessibility.
  • Made with love, just for you.
  • Backpacks! (x2)
  • Twins! (x2)
  • Humor! (not guaranteed)

You’ll find Backpack Twins on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s on Steam too if you prefer the PC land. 

Keep an eye out for our review. 

Game Description:

Swap. Solve. Survive. Backpack Twins is a hard but fair single player puzzle platformer… with a twist! Control both twins by swapping between them, and make them work together in order to solve environmental puzzles, move forward and stay alive! Avoid hazards, jump, duck, swap and time your moves carefully.

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