zorro the chronicles the game

Are you ready to live a hero’s life, fighting for justice as you go? You’ll want to get involved with Zorro The Chronicles, The Game when it comes to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia and PC.

Created by those at Bkom Studios on behalf of PVP Games, working in collaboration with Cyber Group Studios, with publishing rights handled by BTC studios (that’s a lot of teams involved!), Zorro The Chronicles, The Game. The game is coming in the Fall of 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Google Stadia. Pretty much every format you could wish for then.

Zorro The Chronicles, The Game promises to be a fun and action-packed video game targeted at all with the titular hero, Zorro, having been loved for nearly a century.

Adapted from Cyber Group Studios’ hit animated series Zorro The Chronicles, Zorro The Game will bring unique and bloodless gameplay, along with features and ideas that have been inspired by some of the best-in-class action/adventure games – thrilling combat, exciting exploration, and an utterly immersive experience.

In Zorro The Chronicles, The Game, you’ll be found embarking on an epic adventure set in nineteenth-century Spanish California. It is there where you’ll be given the chance to fall into the boots of the legendary Zorro or as his fearless sister, Ines. Your job will be to protect the weak and innocent townspeople from the evil general and his soldiers, developing your skills in the process in order to become a master swordsman.

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And when you’ve done that, you’ll be found capable of disarming your enemies with a whip, a sword, spectacular moves… and humour! Yep, not just will you be able to deflect their attacks with acrobatic moves and lightning-quick reflexes, but before you leave them in a heap you’ll be able to tag them with a ‘Z’ from the tip of your sword.

John Gertz, President of Zorro Productions Inc. comments: “Zorro is a brand whose interactive life started long ago with games for the Atari, Nintendo and other platforms. We are very excited to see that the new CG animated series, “Zorro the Chronicles” will now be adapted for the new consoles of the 21st century”.

“We thank both John Gertz at Zorro Productions Inc. and Pierre Sissmann at Cyber Group Studios to have trusted us with this prestigious IP. We are very excited by the results of Bkom’s development and we look forward working with BTC Studios to market the game around the World and to contribute making Zorro a hero that kids and their parents will continue to adore!” added Francois Trudel, Vice-President/Executive Producer of Groupe PVP inc.

“Zorro is a cross-generation modern hero. We trust that Zorro The Chronicles, The Game, inspired by best-in-class action-adventure games will appeal to casual gamers kids and families and also to the gamer audience” said Thierry Braille, Vice President, Interactive and Video Game Division and Dominique Bourse COO at Cyber Group Studios.

About Zorro The Chronicles, The Game:

Don Diego de la Vega, the beloved son of a respected landlord, is returning to California after five long years in Spain. Longing for his father and sister Ines, his heart is filled with joy in anticipation of seeing them again and returning to his peaceful town. However, things are no longer the same as when he left. The town is now ruled by Captain Monasterio whose greed only rivals his ambition. Poor townspeople who cannot pay exorbitant new taxes are sent to jail, and their families are forced to work off the debt. The once joyful community is now a place of oppression and hopelessness. Don Diego cannot stand the injustice he sees, but at the same time, he knows he cannot openly fight Monasterio and his soldiers. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don Diego acts upon the old Spanish saying, “If you can’t fight like a lion, become a fox”, and this is how the legend of Zorro is born!

Some of the key features of The Game will be…

  • • Live a hero’s life, and fight for justice. Play as the legendary Zorro or his sister Ines. Develop your skills by unlocking better stats, new moves, and talismans.
  • • Master your fighting technique and become the best swordsman in Spanish California! Enjoy fun and rewarding swashbuckling combat featuring hilarious yet spectacular finishing moves.
  • • Choose your playthrough style. Adapt your approach to a wide variety of enemy types. Use ninja-like stealth to take your opponents by surprise, sneak around them to explore your surroundings, or engage them in action-packed sword fights.
  • • Enjoy beautifully designed, colorful locations. Explore the game’s world with eye-catching visuals as breathtaking as in “Zorro The Chronicles” animated series.
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You can find out more about Zorro The Chronicles, The Game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC by checking out the trailer below. You can get it wishlisted on Steam too.


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