There’s already plenty of content to get through in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, but the latest DLC brings extra stories, weapons and more into the fray. It features a few recognisable characters from the anime too!

Set before the completion of the SBC Flügel, Ambush of the Imposters sees your created character seeking the truth behind the rumours regarding several ArFA-sys units appearing on the battlefield as enemies. You’ll need a little help though and so several characters from the second season of the Sword Art Online anime are on hand to lend a hand. These are the well-known Gun Gale Online players Dyne, Yamikaze and Musketeer X, with skills that have seen them thrive in Bullet of Bullets (BoB) tournaments.

As well as this new tale, new dungeons are also present alongside some new bosses to tackle in the process. In addition, a new offline “Bob System” mode and a 4v4 team versus mode have been incorporated to enhance the experience further. And all of this comes with the Ambush of the Imposters DLC, which will only cost £7.99 on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. Alternatively, the Season Pass grants access to another two pieces of future content as well for £19.99. Doesn’t seem too bad does it?

Haven’t picked up Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet yet? Give our review of the game a read as it may just convince you to take the plunge!

DLC Description:

SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET Downloadable Content #1 This DLC adds new stories, characters, weapons, outfits, and more. ・New stories and dungeons ・New Offline “BoB System” mode ・New characters: Dyne, Yamikaze, and Musketeer X ・New bosses ・New weapons, outfits, accessories, hair styles, and face styles This journey takes place before you and the group have completed the SBC Flügel. Rumors have been circualting about several ArFA-sys units appearing out in the field as enemies. With the help of the renowned GGO players Dyne, Yamikaze, and Musketeer X, you slowly uncover the truth behind this mystery. Experience the beginning of an all-new epic adventure. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet game required; sold separately.

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