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We’ve spent more hours than we care to remember crammed onto the tubes of the London Underground, we’ve taken trips to the Isle of Wight and we’ve hauled the heavy freight through Hamburg. Now though Train Sim World 2 players get the chance to tackle the heavy tonnage of Cane Creek. 

The Train Sim World 2: Cane Creek: Thompson – Potash addition is the latest DLC pack for Dovetail Games’ highly detailed train simulator. It’s a game which has allowed fans of the railways the opportunity to immerse themselves in a host of opportunities, with a huge variety available through the base game and those DLC packs that have previously arrived. 

Now though that variety expands once more as we take a trip to the Union Pacific Cane Creek Subdivision route. This remote desert arena will allow Train Sim World 2 fans to haul some seriously heavy machinery across some of the toughest routes that America has to offer. 

It takes us from Potash to Brendel, climbing a thousand feet as the roller coaster route delivers all new experiences. It’s a journey that features the Bootlegger Tunnel – all 7000+ feet of it – and a host of big diesel locos and even more horsepower. 

The new route is most definitely something that will appeal to Train Sim World 2 players, but that’s not all the Cane Creek DLC brings – expect to be put in charge of the Union Pacific’s General Electric AC4400CW and Electro-Motive SD40-2 diesels. 

If you have a copy of Train Sim World 2 and wish to expand your horizons even more so than the base game allows, we’d seriously advise you to consider a purchase of the Cane Creek: Thompson – Potash DLC. It’ll run at a £24.99 price point (the Xbox Store link is here for those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), but that is pretty much in line with everything else that Dovetail and Skyhook Games have pushed out to this point. Yes it makes a full Train Sim World 2 library an expensive one, but you can be sure it’ll be a good one too. 

You’ll find the Train Sim World 2: Cane Creek: Thompson – Potash DLC present on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

DLC Description:

Journey through the American West’s awe-inspiring, rugged, and remote desert scenery while tackling heavy tonnage and daunting grades with the Union Pacific Cane Creek Subdivision route for Train Sim World 2, masterfully developed by Skyhook Games!

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