beyond enemy lines 2 xbox one

Dropped in behind enemy lines, it’s your mission to cause absolute havoc and confusion by employing a host of useful tactics. Are you up to the important task in the latest shooter to sneak onto Xbox One, Beyond Enemy Lines 2?

As a special agent, Beyond Enemy Lines 2 deploys you into the barbaric enemy territory, where the terrain and all-round conditions really aren’t in your favour. The sole purpose is to seek out and destroy any enemies you happen to come across, which will require skill and tactical nous if you’re to succeed. There are over 20 different weapons at your disposal, including various attachments, ensuring you can approach the situation however best suits your playstyle – expect to get a hold of pistols, assault rifles and even LMGs. 

This first-person shooter is considered a hardcore tactical experience; one featuring a total of three campaigns, each compromised of large, non-linear and open-ended missions. Given the presence of unscripted and dynamic AI throughout, there’s plenty of replay value on offer here as well, allowing for multiple playthroughs.

If you fancy picking folks off in the dense forests or taking them on up-close in a bunker, you’ll need to purchase Beyond Enemy Lines 2 for £24.99 from the Xbox Store. Only then can you begin your preparation for the missions ahead, before filling us in with a full report on the double to tell us how it all unfolded.

We’re counting on you, agent!

Game Description:

Take the role of a special agent deployed deep beyond enemy lines where terrain and conditions are barbaric. You will seek, locate and destroy the enemy while causing havoc and confusion. Emerge a hardcore tactical experience in vast, nonlinear missions where skill and tactical decisions matter!

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