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There are many dinosaur-based games currently doing the rounds, but in our eyes it’s Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution which brings the most intense of experiences. Right behind that franchise though is Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt – a first person hunter in which the dinos are your prey. Today it’s that game which expands, with the arrival of the Cretaceous Terror Pack.

As you’d expect from a pack titled Cretaceous Terror Pack, there’s a bit of aggression sitting behind what is included. You’ll need the base game of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt in place prior to even considering what this pack does, but if you’re reading this we’d guess that you’re already a bit of a fan of the hunt and are looking to take the adventure to the next step. 

It’s here where the Cretaceous Terror Pack for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt comes in. Priced at just £3.29 from the Xbox Store, this is certainly not one of those wallet-busting downloadable expansions that many games run with, instead taking the relatively cheap angle and providing just enough content for the buck. 

The Cretaceous Terror Pack adds two new dinosaurs that you’ll be able to immediately hunt – the Giganotosaurus and the Carnotaurus. If you’re familiar with Jurassic World Evolution, you’ll know what to make of these guys – but here you’ll want to take them down, pronto. 

Details of each of the new additions found in the Cretaceous Terror Pack are as follows…

  • The Giganotosaurus (“giant southern lizard”) was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever exist on Earth. With a keen sense of smell, Giganotosaurus (a therapod dinosaur) is faster than an adult Tyrannosaurus Rex, but its brain is just half the size of its famous relative. The Giganotosaurus tends to prowl in circular patterns near lakes, but it can certainly (and occasionally will!) roam the entire island, so remain alert at all times! When this monster isn’t snacking on unlucky human hunters, its usual diet consists of juvenile sauropod dinosaurs.
  • The Carnotaurus (“meat-eating bull”) is the only carnivore with two characteristic horns that sprout immediately above its eyes, and its uniquely muscular neck distinguishes this pugnacious predator from its meat-eating counterparts. Smaller than Tyrannosaurus Rex and built for speed (up to 35 mph/ 56kmph!) and pure power, Carnotaurus (a theropod dinosaur) is more agile and faster than T. Rex, and it always hunts near water within and around the island. It is an incredibly effective killing machine, so take no chances when you’re out there!

You’ll need the base game of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt in your library prior to purchasing and downloading the Cretaceous Terror Pack. The base game is available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

DLC Description:

This DLC includes two new dinosaurs to hunt immediately. Advanced hunting skills are absolutely required if your goal is to add them to your trophy room.

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