Shadow of the Tomb Raider is not far off from release now and Square Enix are today showing off some new gameplay of the third chapter in Lara’s origin story – highlighting the captivating city of Paititi.

The video highlights the largest hub area ever created in the series, featuring a bustling city filled with adventure. There’s an economy here allowing you to barter for goods including new weapons and outfits. You will also be able to take on some side quests from one of the many inhabitants of the city, discover hidden challenge tombs and crypts or just head out hunting for resources. The area is vast, with such a huge amount to see and do.

Paititi itself is a place untouched by modern civilization and split in to several districts, In the video you see the immersion mode in full swing with villagers talking in their native tongue rather than English, it’s an option that adds some extra authenticity to the game but is also entirely optional. Want English? Just switch it in the options.

We also see Lara heading out from the hub area on a mission that sees her traversing the terrain, using the same excellent animation system of the previous games we see Lara swimming, jumping and climbing across the area. Another interesting addition here is the harder difficulty, when switched to hard the game removes the guiding white paint on the terrain and leaves the player with no prompts on how to progress.

Oh and yeah you can pet alpacas too. Who doesn’t love an alpaca!

With hours worth of content packed in to this one area it will be interesting to see how much more vast Shadow of the Tomb Raider is when it releases this September on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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