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If you’re in the market for a new American Football game, there’s really only one way you’ll kick – towards that of EA and the brilliant Madden series. But should you want something different and are prepared for the riskier strategy, Axis Games have got your back with Axis Football 2023. 

The Axis Football series has been popping up on the usual digital stores for a few years now, but honestly, it’s so far been a disappointing opponent to the might of Madden. With Axis Football 2018 and Axis Football 2019 both failing to punt for glory, can Axis Football 2023 find a mark?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as being available on Steam and coming to PlayStation soon, Axis Football 2023 is the latest American Football offering to hit the market, as Axis Games hope they make good and find enough quality to take it to Madden NFL 23

It’s priced at £16.74 which means it’s considerably cheaper than the uber-realism of Madden, but still manages to throw in some big changes to the series staples of the past. 

You’re getting a single player option as you take on the AI, you get the opportunity to prove yourself in the Coach mode, witness the on-field action in Spectator mode and go up against others in Local player offerings. There’s a Franchise mode too, because, well, what would a football game be without Franchise. 

It’s that latter option which seems to be the meat and drink of Axis Football 2023 as you enjoy the facts and stats that play out ahead of you. But then there are also a host of overhauled features in the 2023 edition of Axis that should – in theory – prove this to be the best Axis Football game yet. 

In all, expect to find all of the following coming out as new in Axis Football 2023…

  • – Completely overhauled several aspects of gameplay to create a brand new playing and viewing experience
  • – Redesigned the entire tackling system, adding over 300 different tackles
  • – Implemented momentum and physics based tackling
  • – Redesigned the entire defensive back logic and animation system, adding over 200 different interception and pass deflections
  • – Added primary and secondary precedents to zone coverage
  • – Redesigned the entire pass catching system, adding over 400 different catches
  • – Implemented diving, jumping, and sideline catch
  • – Added new route running, pivot, and cutting movements
  • – Redesigned the entire QB throwing system, adding over 50 different throws
  • – Implemented a massively flexible pre-snap motion system for the offense
  • – Redesigned the UI animation system for cleaner UI navigation
  • – Massive optimization allows for easy-to-achieve 60 FPS
  • – Six new stadiums: Cleveland, Buffalo, Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Denver
  • – Auto-substitutions due to fatigue
  • – Logos can now be placed on helmets in the team creator suite
  • – Bug fixes from previous versions

Should you be tired of Madden but need a football fix, then you can pick up Axis Football 2023 on Xbox from the Xbox Store. There’s no new-gen optimisation here, but it is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Let us know if you give it a shot. 

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