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If you’re constantly reliving a moment, Groundhog Day-style, you probably don’t want it to be the defining, most traumatic day of your life. But that is what is (effectively) happening to poor Junon in The Wreck, a narrative adventure from Bury Me, My Love developers The Pixel Hunt.

It’s not as if Junon was having a good day anyway. She begins The Wreck in hospital, where her mum, Marie, has been taken suddenly ill and is in a coma. Marie’s not given long to live, and to complicate things further, she forged Junon’s signature on a wardship document, meaning that Junon must determine whether to switch off life support or not. Junon isn’t the most decisive, and her sister – who very definitely is – are quickly at each other’s throats on the topic.

The events are a trigger for Junon to revisit, painfully and over and over again, a car crash from her past. This is the titular ‘Wreck’, and by touching items within the slow-motion car crash, Junon is able to unravel her feelings and gain control of the present-day situation. It’s a fable about making sense of life through its traumas.

The Wreck is an emotionally charged narrative adventure where the gameplay comes from careful dialogue choices, and exploring memories to find long-forgotten thoughts and details that might help in the present day. It’s unflinching, so be prepared for potential triggers if you have suffered similar traumas. 

We’ve been bashed about by The Wreck already, and can recommend it for its unique take on a time-loop, even if it can teeter on the repetitive. There are some fantastically memorable sequences, as the sequences tinker with unreliable narrators, making the truth harder to discern than you might think.

Need a review to tempt you right in? We have a review of The Wreck on Xbox Series X|S ready for you to read now – head over for the verdict. For now, download The Wreck on the Xbox Store today and pick up an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S version of the game. It’s also on Playstation, Switch and PC through Steam

Game Description:

At 36, Junon’s life is in pieces: her career has stalled, she’s emotionally numb, and her personal life is falling apart. Things come to a head when she’s called to the ER to find her estranged mother in a critical condition. This is the most important day of Junon’s life, and unless something changes, it might be her last. Relive the Past. Experience Junon’s memories and piece together the story of her past, including the tragic secret that lies at its centre. Alter the Present. Use your understanding of Junon’s trauma to change how she navigates the day, unlocking new dialogue options and healing broken relationships. Embrace the Future. When you’re at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Help Junon find peace with herself and discover the humor, beauty and hope that lie even on life’s bleakest days.

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