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Free content always goes down well with us and that’s exactly what is rolling out today in the brilliant Lonely Mountains: Downhill. It’s time to own the trails of Redmoor Falls.

Available today as the latest free expansion to Thunderful and Megagon Industries superb little downhill rider, Redmoor Falls continues to build out the Lonely Mountains: Downhill world. It’s a tasty world too, one full of the gnarliest of trails found in the base game, through Riley’s Return, as you climb Misty Peak and throughout the madness of Eldfjall Island. 

Redmoor Falls is a free push and will give you the chance to try and prove your worth across a multitude of lines and trails, as you race down the unforgiving hills of the lost Whispering Lake trail. 

An unspoiled, atmospheric mountain scape, Redmoor Falls will bring with it dusty trails, wild rivers, misty swamps and more. And of course, it’ll throw a ton of challenges your way as it does so. 

It’s not just the new test of skills though – for Redmoor Falls adds in some serious new outfits and accessories for good measure. 

“We’re excited for you to experience the beauty of Redmoor Peaks on the all-new Whispering Lake trail,” said Daniel Helbig, co-founder of Megagon. “Get back on your bike and take to the mountain trails for one epic adventure.”

If you’ve not yet played Lonely Mountains: Downhill, you really should get that sorted asap. It’s available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam Deck verified too. Having first released back in 2019 and now present on Game Pass, there’s next to no reason to not pick up a copy from the Xbox Store

Once you have that base game, Redmoor Falls awaits!

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