If you’re looking to take on the Project at Eden’s Gate but are found needing a little help, then the latest Far Cry 5 DLC pack should be something to invest in.

The Far Cry 5 Care Package promises to help you out in the toughest of times with new vehicles, outfits and weapons all coming your way.

Allowing you to explore the wonders of Hope County in style, this means you’ll get access to the Doomsday Prepper Pack, the American Muscle Pack, the Outlaw Pack, the Explosives Pack, and the Chaos Pack – all of which (except for the latter two) bring a new vehicle, weapon and outfit.

The full run down is as follows:

  • Doomsday Prepper Pack – Doomsday Prepper Van, Doomsday Prepper Handgun, Doomsday Prepper Outfit
  • American Muscle Pack – American Muscle Car, American Muscle MP5k Submachine Gun, American Muscle Outfit
  • Outlaw Pack – Outlaw Pick-up Truck, Outlaw Shotgun, Outlaw Outfit
  • Explosive Pack – 4x C4 Explosives, 4x Dynamite Sticks, 4x Proximity Mines, 4x Grenades
  • Chaos Pack – 4x Molotov Cocktails, 4x Animal Baits, 4x The Fast temporary buff, 4x The Furious temporary buff

If you haven’t yet played Far Cry 5 then you are missing out on something pretty special so make sure you check out our full review and then get a purchase in. Should you have already spent many an hour scouring Hope County for many riches, and just fancy something to mix things up a bit, then get over to the Microsoft Store and nab that Car Package right now.

DLC Description:

Take the fight to the Project at Eden’s Gate with the Far Cry 5 Care Package DLC. This care package includes vehicles, outfits and weapons with unique skins, letting you explore Hope County in style. Includes Doomsday Prepper Pack, featuring: o Doomsday Prepper Van o Doomsday Prepper Handgun o Doomsday Prepper Outfit Includes American Muscle Pack, featuring: o American Muscle Car o American Muscle MP5k Submachine Gun o American Muscle Outfit Includes Outlaw Pack, featuring: o Outlaw Pick-up Truck o Outlaw Shotgun o Outlaw Outfit Includes Explosive Pack, featuring: o 4x C4 Explosives o 4x Dynamite Sticks o 4x Proximity Mines o 4x Grenades • Includes Chaos Pack, featuring: o 4x Molotov Cocktails o 4x Animal Baits o 4x The Fast temporary buff o 4x The Furious temporary buff

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