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We may not be the railway buffs that Train Sim World is fully aimed at, but we just love what Dovetail Games have done with the franchise over the years. With the introduction of the latest Rush Hour – London Commuter content, it’s about to get better still. 

The new London Commuter route that has now been added into Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour Season Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC challenges you to overcome busy and tight schedules on one of the UK’s most demanding routes, whisking passengers from Victoria Station to Brighton on-board authentic recreations of modern locomotives.

It dates all the way back to the 1840s, giving a chance to pass through the likes of Clapham Junction and East Croydon, working the Brighton Main Line as a major trunk route in the South of England. Before arriving from London Victoria into Brighton, the line also passes through Gatwick Airport, a key hub that includes its own express services running throughout the day.

“London Commuter is one of the most challenging routes we’ve created for Train Sim World 2,” said Dovetail Games CEO Jon Rissik, “with more services and gameplay to enjoy than any other route built for the simulation so far, we’re looking forward to seeing players take control of the complex timetable in this new rush hour experience.”

What this means is that you’ll be able to control the many services on this newly added line; hurry commuters from the South London suburbs and East Sussex into the heart of the city and feel the rush of non-stop services for seaside goers and international travellers, all with the modern Southern Class 377/4 and Gatwick Express Class 387/2.

Much like with most of Train Sim World 2, with the London Commuter route, you choose how you want to play. You can drive trains across the 50-mile line from London Victoria to Brighton, ride as a passenger across the Reigate branch, complete the newly added route tasks, or simply pick a vantage point and watch the action unfold. Dovetail are ensuring that you are in control of your experience with the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer too and can be sure that whatever you choose to do, there’s lots to see and experience in Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour – London Commuter.  

If you are unaware of Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour, then you’ll find the key features as follows: 

  • New Passenger System: Adding a greater variety of passengers, new clothing and increased volumes during peak times creates the feel of operating under real-world rush hour conditions on each station approach.
  • Busy Network: A wide range of services on the route ensure that players see lots of traffic moving around traveling between each station. Take control of a service and face the challenge of keeping to time on this busy commuter route.
  • Updated Immersion: Enjoy a newly updated immersion controller scheme that gives players quicker access to controls and camera views. Including the new ‘head out’ camera. Can you complete a service driving with the HUD switched off?
  • Free Upgrade for PS4™ system and Xbox One: Players who own Train Sim World 2 on either console can upgrade to a native PS5™ or Xbox One X|S version, no additional purchase necessary.
  • Train Sim World 2 advanced simulation: Along with all the new features, players can also enjoy all the existing features of Train Sim World 2 on these new routes including creative tools like the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner, detailed tutorials and learning aids, as well as powerful realistic simulation thanks to the SimuGraph physics engine.
  • Dovetail Live: Players can track and share progress of their Rush Hour experience with online stats, check the Driver Logbook to review performance, and Railfan Shots to capture and share the perfect moment.

The new London Commuter route is available as part of the Rush Hour: Season Ticket, which includes Boston Sprinter, Nahverkehr Dresden and London Commuter routes, for £34.99. Failing that, you can grab it individually for £24.99. If you’re new to the scene, you can also pick up the Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour Deluxe Edition bundle which includes Train Sim World 2 and the Rush Hour expansion, priced at £44.99.

Let us know how you get your railway fix. And if you wish to know more about Train Sim World 2, the Rush Hour Season Pass or the London Commuter line, hold tight for an exclusive interview with one of the main brains behind it soon.

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