Did you know that the end of the world is coming? Well, it is, and that means you should spend every last minute dancing! Obviously.

The latest DLC pack for The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor, that of The End Records Challenge Pack, on Xbox One will allow you to do just that, delivering three new tunes, three new challenges and three new pieces of gear for you to try out. You’ll find Jutty Ranx’s “Keep It Moving” and “Conecntrate” alongside Findlay’s “Electric Bones” for you to jam out to.

With all songs playable fully in the Story, Freeplay and Arena modes, if you were looking for a reason to keep on hitting the dance floor, this is it.

It’s cheap too and with just a £1.59 price tag attached to the Challenge Pack, there really is no excuse to not get it. The Xbox One Games Store awaits your cash.

DLC Description:

The End of the world is coming. Time to dance then, no? Let’s celebrate with our first label-specific challenge pack! Courtesy of The End Records, three great tunes to burn into yo’ brain. Three new tunes, three new challenges, and three new awesome pieces of gear! Try not to miss a beat to Jutty Ranx’s “Keep It Moving”. Your streak is the only thing keeping the powerful enemies at bay! Then, snag a chainmail tutu to keep that streak-based power at your side! Jam out to Findlay’s “Electric Bones” to wage a battle against your very own Pierce, that roguish rogue. Earn an item right up his ally which forces crystals to drop from every kill. Great for unlocking DJ Room songs faster, but also… hmmm… passives. Finally, Jutty Ranx’s “Concentrate” piles on the debuffs with abandon. They just won’t come off! Why would you want that power as an upgrade?! There must be Some good use..? All three songs are playable in Story, Freeplay, and Arena modes! Go!

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