It’s a game that has been treated to all manner of DLC add-ons over the months, but now Pure Hold’em on Xbox One is coming complete in one big pack – and it contains anything and everything you could ever wish for. At least anything and everything poker related, anyways!

Available right now for £10.39, Pure Hold’em: Full House Bundle on Xbox One delivers you the base Pure Hold’em game, along with tons of DLC packs. Usually priced at £1.59 each, you’ll see the Plume Card Deck, the 100% Hemp Card Deck, the Macarbe Card Deck, the Steampunk Card Deck, the Lucha Libre Card Deck, the Undead Card Deck, the Ringleader Card Deck, the Sorcerer Card Deck, the Hamilton Card Deck and the Bold Card Deck all included.

That is A LOT of card decks… and a lot of cards!

If you wish to save some money, feel the need for the full poker experience and reckon you have what it takes to show off your poker skills to allcomers, then the Microsoft Store will happily oblige you with a download.

For more info about the game, then you could do worse than check out our full review of Pure Hold’em on Xbox One too.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll now be heading in.

Bundle Description:

Play your cards right with this bumper DLC bundle featuring all available card decks for Pure Hold’em. Are you all in? This bundle includes: Undead Card Deck Bold Card Deck Ringleader Card Deck Steampunk Card Deck Lucha Libre Card Deck 100% Hemp Card Deck Plume Card Deck Hamilton Card Deck Macabre Card Deck Sorcerer Card Deck

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