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Grab your gear, for Crawlers and Brawlers is going to take you on a new journey, deep underground as you crawl through a waves of randomly generated 8-bit dungeons, all in the hope of becoming the greatest adventurer the world has seen.

Available right now for digital download on Xbox One – whilst also making the most of the brilliant Xbox Play Anywhere ideas, letting you play the game on PC too – Crawlers and Brawlers from Ugly Beard Games works pretty much like an 8-bit Diablo, pushing you to work your way through a variety of situations, grabbing loot and experience as you go.

Priced at just £6.69, Crawlers and Brawlers allows that adventuring to occur alone, or with friends across both the local and online scenes. And when that happens this journey you find yourself on ups its game in many ways. With procedurally generated arenas to play through, and a weird versus game mode sitting in place to accompany the main event, there is much to like about Crawlers and Brawlers – as our full review of the game on Xbox One shows.

Basically put, if you like Diablo, if you hark back to a time when visuals were simple, and you’re ready to embark on a nifty little adventure, Ugly Beard Games are most definitely capable of sorting you out.

Make sure you take in our review for full details, but from there on out, the Xbox Store will happily be able to provide the download you are looking for should you be tempted in to a bit of random dungeon crawling.

Game Description:

Lord Wellington was a great adventurer. You’ve traveled to the town near his castle to listen to his stories and learn how to be a great one too. But everything isn’t as it seems and your education might unfold differently than you expected. Play how you want. Adventure through the entertaining story. Crawl through the dungeons in any order by yourself, with 4 friends online, or in 4 player split-screen co-op. Challenge other players to brawl in versus or team battles on 12 different maps. Fight waves of enemies in the Arena for extra loot. Procedurally generated dungeons so replays are always exciting. It has all the classic RPG elements you love. Unlock abilities as you level up. Powerful items to make your character better. Artifacts that give you special abilities. A skill tree to customize your character.

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