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It may have passed you by but slowly and rather surely EpiXR Games have been building their Aery franchise beyond what anyone could have originally expected. In fact, from today there are no less than four separate Aery games available to play, with the latest taking you on A Journey Beyond Time. 

The Aery series first kicked off back in 2019 with the launch of Aery – Little Bird Adventure. Thrusting you skywards, it gave players the feeling of freeness, of being able to stare in wonder at the world as you took to the wings of a bird and flew high. With collectibles aplenty, a cute little story in tow, and a lovely visual style, for a ‘kick back and relax’ vibe, it covered the bases. That was then complemented by the release of Aery – Broken Memories in mid-2020, with Aery – Sky Castle swooping in a little later. Now though, things get a bit deeper with Aery – A Journey Beyond Time. 

Priced at £8.39, no Aery game is ever going to break the bank, but that does mean that once you’ve found love with the series, the low price point tempts you in with further experiences. 

That’s the case with A Journey Beyond Time too, as EpiXR puts us on the wing of a prayer with a new flying god-like creature, one who happily takes to the skies to observe all below them. But then it goes and hits all new territory too, letting you watch the population grow, and watch the world evolve through time. 

In Aery – A Journey Beyond Time, you are doing just that, quite literally flying through time, taking in the various stages of human life as you go. Promising an interesting tale that is full of delight, this should well be yet another highly relaxing Aery affair, one that fans of the series will want to pick up at the earliest opportunity. 

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Features include:

  • Experience the feeling of flying with fluid and responsive flight controls
  • Literally fly through history and the different stages of human development
  • Follow an interesting story through time
  • See the world with the eyes of a god-like creature
  • Enjoy the intuitive and relaxing gameplay
  • Experience the speed of a bird without enemies or other threats
  • Explore 12 vast landscapes with a different theme, style, and mood
  • Collect the crystals to unlock the next area
  • Immerse into the atmosphere with a vibrant minimalistic yet sometimes even surreal art style
  • Enjoy the beautiful bright colors with interesting and different color themes in every area
  • Discover hidden areas and many little surprises on your way

Our full review of Aery – A Journey Beyond Time will be coming in the days ahead so keep an eye out for it, but in the meantime head to the Xbox Store and pick up a copy of the game on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. 

Let us know what you think of the game itself, and of Aery as a series, in the comments below. 

Game Description:

In Aery – A Journey Beyond Time you are in the role of a flying god-like creature which observes the world and their inhabitants while they grow and evolve. You can quite literally fly through history and the different stages of human development, follow an interesting story through time, and enjoy the speed of flying at the same time. This story-driven game is non-violent so that you can enjoy the intuitive and relaxing gameplay in 12 different stages of the development of our earth.


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