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There have been numerous chances for gamers to kick back with a super minimalist micro-world in recent times. In fact, just in the last few months we’ve had Cloud Gardens and ISLANDERS: Console Edition release. Now joining those is that of LEGO Builder’s Journey. 

You may think of LEGO games as madcap build ’em ups, ones that take existing franchises and throw some humour into all-action adventures. But the team at Light Brick Studio think there’s a different route to take with the LEGO name, and that is to head into a brick-built world and get creative. 

LEGO Builder’s Journey is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with full optimisation for those next-gen consoles. It’s priced at £16.74 and follows on nicely from previous launches on PC and Nintendo Switch. And taking the Steam reviews as read, this is a game that us Xbox players should now be all over. 

An atmospheric geometric puzzler, LEGO Builder’s Journey will task you with working your way through numerous puzzles. You can follow the lead and take the instructions step by step should you so wish, or you can get highly creative, utilising various LEGO pieces and letting your imagination run wild. And honestly, that what we want from any LEGO game. 

With the draw of LEGO being brought to life in a way that we’ve never seen before, one look at the screenshots or trailers is pretty much enough to sell LEGO Builder’s Journey. When you then throw in a narrative to enjoy, plenty of challenge to take in and the needs and requirements to fully experiment, and this could well be a cracking little LEGO title. 

We’ll be sure to deliver our full thoughts as to how LEGO Builder’s Journey plays out on Xbox in the days ahead, but for now you can grab the game for yourself by visiting the Xbox Store

Let us know if you decide to put this one together. Or break it apart. Your call. 

Game Description:

Step through levels brick by brick with puzzles that ask us to sometimes follow the instructions… and sometimes to be creative and break the rules. Builder’s Journey is a poetic puzzle that takes place in a LEGO® brick world, brought to life with the most accurately rendered LEGO® elements yet to feature on screens. Be taken through a breathtaking world filled with brick-by-brick effects, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. Throughout the narrative, there will be ups and downs, challenges and celebrations. Take the time to experiment, and most importantly, to play as figuring out who we are and what we become is the Builder’s Journey.

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