race with ryan adventure track pack

For the last couple of years or so the karting scene has flourished with multiple new options being delivered to the digital game stores. Sitting pretty underneath the really big names of Crash, Sonic and Nickelodeon though is that of Ryan, with Race With Ryan providing fans of Ryan’s World another option. Today that experience grows again with the arrival of a new track pack and Deluxe Edition. 

Race With Ryan released at the back end of 2019 to provide a solid kart racer that was full of easy achievements and a decent range of vehicles. Now though that roster expands with the arrival of the Adventure Track Pack for £5.99. 

Available as a separate purchase and allowing you to add a little more into your base game, the Race With Ryan: Adventure Track Pack drops in two new tracks and no less then seven additional characters. Promising hours of fun and the chance to head to New York and Redmond, if you have the base game of Race With Ryan in hand and are looking for a reason to hit the starting grid again, a purchase of the Adventure Track Pack should be considered. 

If you haven’t previously played the game, then you have another option – the Race With Ryan Road Trip Deluxe Edition. This brings forth the original base game with the new Adventure Track Pack, but also adds in the previously available Surprise Track Pack. Costing £34.99 the Road Trip Deluxe Edition is probably the way to go if you’ve not yet found time to bear witness to Ryan’s kart racer. 

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Just head on over to your favoured digital store and take home the goodies. Our next port of call will be the Xbox Store. Will you join us?

DLC Description:

This is a Road Trip your little ones will never forget, without even having to leave the house they can race around 2 iconic USA tracks and see the sights of New York, New York and Redwood. Alongside the base game, Race With Ryan, this expansion pack unlocks more hours of fun with 1-4 players in the colourful world of YouTube sensation, Ryan!


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