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When something terrible happens in Panda Land, there is only one person fit for the job of restoring balance – Super Panda. And with Animal Friends Adventure on Xbox One, it’ll be you who will be helping Super Panda save his homeland from a rotting plague

Animal Friends Adventure is available to purchase and download on Xbox One right now, and should you decide this family friendly adventure is one worth embarking on, should just about discover a world that is ripe for action. 

Priced up at £13.24, this latest adventure to hit Xbox One contains no less than 9 worlds, 40 playable levels and 8 heroes – each of whom come with their own unique skills and abilities. Yep, that’s right, no matter whether you take on the role of Super Panda, or one of his very best mates – Deer, Bear, Gorilla, Fox, Lenny the Lemur, Rabbit or even Bad Panda (think Bad Santa, just in Panda form!) – you’ll fast realise that Panda Land is in need of a hero. And that hero is you. Probably. 

Throw in 8 boss battles, the promise of an adventure that comes in epic proportions, and 8 (yep, 8 is the magic number here) collectable pets like Moony, Pumpky, Teddy, Shroomy and more, and you’ll get an understanding of what this game is all about. 

It helps that Animal Friends Adventure delivers short casual levels fit for kicking back with, some lovely physics puzzles, and nothing short of the most beautiful environments. But in and amongst that you’ll also find the opportunity to work your way through this journey in your own unique way, utilising both melee and ranged combat and creating your own unique playstyle. 

Fancy giving it a go? The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download whilst some upcoming review thoughts from us will help out those sat on the fence. 

Don’t forget to let us know if you decide to give this Animal Friends Adventure a go. The comments are down below. 

Game Description:

Having saved his homeland from a rotting plague, Super Panda embarks on an all new mission to save his beloved forest once more. Strange disappearances and animal abductions have been going on. New creatures and monsters have appeared and the world is in chaos. The elements and the forest balance is eroding. Once more the world is dying. So he’s rounded up his crew for the most important mission of their life. They must find the forest’s ancient nemesis and defeat him for good.


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